Nagaland State Dear Sun Monday Weekly Lottery draw 23.01.2023- 6:00pm (10 Series)

1st Prize of Punjab State Rakhi Bumper 13.08.2022 having ticket No. A251459 Sold By (Sood Brothers).

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Nagaland State Dear Sun Monday Weekly Lottery draw 09.01.2023- 6.00PM
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88A to 88L-38950, 88A to 88L-38952, 88A to 88L-38954, 88A to 88L-38740, 88A to 88L-38742, 88A to 88L-38744, 88A to 88L-38690, 88A to 88L-38692, 88A to 88L-38694, 88A to 88L-38670, 88A to 88L-38672, 88A to 88L-38674, 88A to 88L-38676, 88A to 88L-38678, 88A to 88L-38540, 88A to 88L-38542, 88A to 88L-38544, 88A to 88L-38510, 88A to 88L-38512, 88A to 88L-38514, 88A to 88L-38516, 88A to 88L-38518, 88A to 88L-42550, 88A to 88L-42552, 88A to 88L-42554, 88A to 88L-42556, 88A to 88L-42558